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Meromorph Games is a game company, creators of the card games The Shipwreck Arcana and Norsaga.

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When the sun falls away and only firelight survives: that is when stories are born.


As a skald, you must captivate your audience with tales of your heroic exploits. Saga cards represent the tales you're telling. However, it's not that easy: your audience is familiar with these tales, and they know what it takes to accomplish such feats.

Each saga card lists the traits necessary to complete it; as long as you lack those traits, no one will be fooled by your half-hearted tale.



Title  -  At the top of the card is the saga's name.

Traits required  -  At the bottom of the card are a series of heroic traits. You'll need to possess them if you hope to convince your audience that you accomplished this saga.



Inheritance icons  -  As the game starts, you place inheritance markers on the colored icons at the bottom of your saga card.

Claiming inheritance markers  -  At any time, you can move inheritance markers around between your saga and the slots on your hero cards. Markers must go in a slot of the same color.
Sometimes there will be more than one way to distribute markers among your heroes.

Losing inheritance markers  -  When your family tree changes, you will often have to give up inheritance markers that no longer slot into your heroes. That's okay; you can always earn them back later.

Victory  -  If you ever find an arrangement that slots all of the markers from your saga into your family tree, you've won! You've convinced the audience that you inherited the necessary traits to complete your saga.

Demo  -  Click here to try it out for yourself!



Q: Can I choose not to move inheritance markers from my saga onto my family tree right away?
A: Inheritance markers are a way for all players (including your opponents) to track how close you are to winning. Therefore, you should always try to move markers onto your tree when you can. If another player sees that you have a marker that could be placed onto your tree, they should indicate it and you should place the marker appropriately.
There is no requirement for you to make the optimal placement at any given time. You can leave markers in an arrangement that you don't plan to win with in order to conceal which cards' traits you're actually relying on, but you should still maintain a valid arrangement using as many markers as can be legally placed using that arrangement.

Q: Why do some sagas have a small spiral symbol on them?
A: These sagas are much harder to complete than others, as they require only two colors of traits. Use them when you want a challenge!