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Meromorph Games is a game company, creators of the card games The Shipwreck Arcana and Norsaga.

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There is no plot without twist.


Every story needs a little something extra. As your personal story changes, your audience will let you get away with embellishing it -- as long as the changes make sense.

Are you currently claiming you descend from a long line of mighty heroes? Tap into the might embellishments. Change your mind and describe yourself as crafty? There are embellishments for that, too. The more heritage you claim in a particular trait, the bolder your embellishments can be.


Adapt (1st generation)  -  Dismiss one of your heroes and place a new card from your hand in that spot.

Assault (2nd generation)  -  Discard 2 cards. Choose a player. They must dismiss a hero from their family tree.

Invade (3rd generation)  -  Place a card on another player's family tree.



Plunder (1st generation)  -  Look at another player's hand. You may swap a card from your hand with one from theirs.

Turncoat (2nd generation)  -  Take back a hero from your family tree. If you do, play a card, then discard any number of cards.

Infiltrate (3rd generation)  -  Look at any player's hand. You may place each of their cards onto any existing hero of the same color.



Augur (1st generation)  -  Draw a card, then discard a card.

Offering (2nd generation)  -  Discard a card. If you do, you may play a card of the same color as the discarded card.

Possess (3rd generation)  -  Pick a hero from another player's family tree and swap it with one from yours.



Chant (1st generation)  -  Discard your hand and draw 3 cards.

Prayer (2nd generation)  -  Play the top card of the hero deck.

Martyr (3rd generation)  -  Each player dismisses one of their heroes. Draw that many cards and place them where those heroes used to be.



Whisper (1st generation)  -  Play a card.*

Nix (2nd generation)  -  Each player must dismiss a hero from their family tree.*

Ragnarok (3rd generation)  -  Dismiss all 3rd generation heroes from all family trees.*

*Gain a doom token for a round. Other players may play cards on your family tree while you are doomed.



Q: Can I use an embellishment if I have no youngest hero?

A: No, you must describe your youngest hero before you can use any embellishments. You always look at the color of your youngest hero to determine which embellishment(s) you're eligible to use.

Q: If my youngest hero is blue and I have a blue hero in my 3rd generation, can I use the level 3 lore embellishment?
A: Only if you also have a blue hero in your second generation. If you don't, you are only elligible for the level 1 lore embellishment.

Q: If my youngest hero is blue, but I have green heroes in my 2nd and 3rd generations, can I use the level 1 or 2 craft embellishments?
 No. You only ever use embellishments of your youngest hero's color. Heroes in later generations who match your youngest hero's color will give you access to more powerful embellishments of that color.
Heroes in later generations who don't match your youngest hero's color do not give you access to any embellishments. However, if your youngest hero is replaced with a hero card of a different color, your existing 2nd and 3rd generation heroes may mean that you're immediately eligible for more powerful embellishments in that new color, instead of just the level 1 embellishment.