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Meromorph Games is a game company, creators of the card games The Shipwreck Arcana and Norsaga.

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A cooperative deduction card game of impending doom.

A cooperative deduction card game of impending doom.

Trapped in a drowned world, you and your allies are doomed -- or are you? Using the mystical deck of The Shipwreck Arcana and a healthy dose of logic, you can predict each others' fates and escape unscathed. Make haste, though -- there aren't many hours left...



2-5 players, 20 minutes

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Gameplay  -  The Shipwreck Arcana is a compact, co-operative game of deduction, evaluation, and logic, combining simple and speedy play with incredibly deep strategy. Players take turns playing tokens according to rules found on an ever-changing tableau of arcana cards in order to convey information to the rest of the group before their doom arrives.

Strategy  -  True mastery comes from reading the cards and making leaps of deduction and intuition. Sometimes a fate will be obvious. Other times, you must rely on logic to eliminate possibilities and decide whether to risk a guess.

Goal  -  The players must collectively guess 7 fates before time runs out! A wrong guess or a fading Arcana card will advance the Hours towards dawn.


What makes it unique


  • Create and solve complex deduction puzzles. Players take turns having and deducing information.
  • Communication mechanics encourage participation. The active player can't speak, so no single player can carry the group to victory by themselves.
  • Plays well with any mix of veterans and newcomers. New players have the opportunity to learn and discuss strategy openly with more experienced players.
  • Accommodates drop-in/drop-out play. Gameplay easily supports adding or removing players on the fly, without interrupting the pace of the game.
  • Complex strategy, simple gameplay. During your turn, you draw two tokens and play one. Easy!

You can see individual card art in the gallery!