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Meromorph Games is a game company, creators of the card games The Shipwreck Arcana and Norsaga.



Ageless veterans of a thousand stories, awaiting a summons from a worthy dynasty.


Immortal heroes are the hybrid children of men, gods, and ettins. They have stood on the sidelines of history, working with those they deem worthy to strengthen the mortal realms. In times of dire need, they return to guard and serve new generations.

Immortals represent a new deck type in Odds and Endings. This deck is shuffled once at the start of the game, and one immortal is dealt to each player, with the unlock track (a series of trait icons) side up. Over the course of the game, each player can earn the allegiance of an immortal and call on them for aid throughout their story. There are two types of immortals: guardians and watchers.


guardian astrid1.jpg

I've waited a long time  -  Each player begins the game with 1 locked immortal. Choose an unused inheritance marker and place it on your immortal's crystal icon, below the trait track.

Impress me  -  At the end of your turn, you can advance the marker one space along your immortal's track, but only if you have a hero in your family tree who possesses the appropriate dominant trait.

Ready to serve  -  Once you've advanced your immortal's track to the top, the immortal becomes unlocked. Remove 1 of your saga's inheritance markers from the game and replace it with the marker from your immortal's track. Then, flip your immortal.



guardian cards2.png

Join the fray  -  At the start of your turn, you may place your guardian on top of any other hero on your family tree.

I've got this  -  Use the guardian’s color and traits; ignore the color and traits of the card beneath it.

Shared fate  -  Treat the guardian and the hero beneath it as the same card. If they leave your tree for any reason, return the guardian to the side of your tree. You may place it again on your next turn.



Story time  -  If your watcher is "awakened", you may use a 1st generation embellishment of its color. Do this immediately after catching your breath; then, flip your watcher over.

Slow and steady  -  After you catch your breath on you next turn, "awaken" your watcher again by flipping back over.



Q: So... how do I unlock an immortal?
A: Every immortal's front side has a track showing a crystal (the start) and then two traits ascending upward from it.
When the game starts, place a marker on the crystal. At any time (except in the middle of an embellishment), you may advance your marker up the track 1 space if your family tree contains a hero matching the next trait on the track.
When you advance onto the topmost and final trait, your immortal becomes unlocked and immediately flips over to its back side.

Q: Can anything affect my locked immortal?
A: No. No cards or effects can interact with immortals while they're locked.

Q: What trait marker should I use for my immortal's track?
A: Any unused marker that you like. Remember that when you unlock your immortal, this marker will be swapped in to replace another of your saga's inheritance markers.
If you plan well, you can swap out a color that your saga needs lots of, and swap in a color that your saga previously didn't need; this will make it easier overall to complete your saga.

Q: Can I swap my immortal's trait marker with one of the same color from my saga?
A: Yes. This means that the colors needed to complete your saga will essentially remain unchanged.

Q: What happens to my guardian while it's inactive beside my family tree?
A: Nothing. It has no effect, and no other cards or embellishments can touch it.

Q: When can I move my guardian around?
A: Once your guardian is unlocked, you can move it onto any one of your heroes (or back off of your family tree) at the start of each of your turns.

Q: When my unlocked watcher flips back to its front side (because I used its free embellishment), do I have to go through the unlocking process again?
A: No. Do not put a marker back onto the unlock track. The watcher is still unlocked.

Q: Can anything affect my watcher once it's unlocked?
A: No. It remains beside your family tree, and no other cards or embellishments can touch it.

Q: Do I have to use the free embellishment when my watcher is in its awakened state?
A: No. While your watcher's awakened (back) side is face-up, you have the option to use an extra embellishment after catching your breath; if you do, you must then turn the watcher face down. However, you are not required to. If you choose not to, your watcher will remain awakened and you will have the option to use a free embellishment at the start of your next turn.