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Meromorph Games is a game company, creators of the card games The Shipwreck Arcana and Norsaga.

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The most powerful relics are never easy to keep in the family.


Heirlooms are powerful relics passed down by generations of heroes. Each one bears a powerful curse -- tangle with them at your own risk. Break the curse, though, and you'll tap into ancestral powers that any character in your story can wield!

Heirlooms represent another new deck type in Odds and Endings. At the start of the game, each player receives a cursed heirloom which limits their inheritance options. As characters pass away from your story, the curse can be broken and the heirloom's true power unlocked.


Every family has one  -  Deal each player an heirloom at the start of the game, cursed side up. Heirlooms sit beside the youngest slot of your family tree.

Cursed inheritance  -  While your heirloom is cursed, you cannot place inheritance markers onto your youngest hero, regardless of that hero's dominant slot.

Lost souls  -  When a hero is dismissed from your family tree, if its color matches the top hex of your heirloom, rotate your heirloom counter-clockwise so that the next hex is at the top. The third time you do this, flip your heirloom to its "restored" side.



Secret weapon  -  When determining what embellishments you're eligible for, your youngest hero always counts as the color of your restored heirloom (in addition to that hero's other colors).



Q: Can I win the game if my heirloom is still cursed?
A: Yes, as long as you can complete your saga without slotting an inheritance marker into your youngest hero's dominant slot. It's difficult, but not impossible, to win without it.

Q: If a hero leaves my family tree, but isn't dismissed, can I still advance my heirloom's curse?
A: No. Only heroes that go from your family tree directly to the discard will advance your curse. A hero that is moved from your tree to your hand or to another player's tree will not count.

Q: If my heirloom has been restored, but I don't have a youngest hero, can I still use 1st generation embellishments of my heirloom's color?
A: No. You still need to have a youngest hero for the restored heirloom to grant its color to.

Q: If my youngest hero is a different color than my restored heirloom, can I choose between multiple colors of embellishments?
A: Yes! If your youngest hero is green but your heirloom is red, you will qualify for 1st generation Craft and Might embellishments. If you have a red parent and a green parent, you'll also qualify for 2nd generation Craft and Might embellishments!