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Meromorph Games is a game company, and the creator of the card game Norsaga.

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Norsaga Art Design, Part 3

Kevin Bishop

This is the third in a series of articles tracing the creation of Norsaga’s artwork. To see where it ends up, check out the gallery on the main site. process GG1

The green Craft heroes are the tricksters and thieves of Norsaga, and from conception their designs were full of curves and motion. Their costumes are also some of the most intricate, featuring lots of belts, layers, and swishy bits (technical term, and my least favorite thing in terms of shading).


parts_of_a_GGDue to the number of buckles, Kevin's concept pictures got used a lot while drawing green heroes. So did things like knife hilts and arrow heads; designing these little details takes more time than you'd believe.




Above on the lower-left is the original Spirit-walker concept; besides being female it was a green hero, before being traded to blue for the Charm-weaver. You can also see a female Hunter design.



Each class as usual inherits sub-traits from its recessive half; the red Hunters bring fur, bandages, and bigger weapons; yellow Seafarers have armor, pouches, and trinkets; and blue Charm-weavers have runestones and tattoos:

parts_of_a_GBComing up next, the design of the blue Lore heroes!