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Meromorph Games is a game company, and the creator of the card game Norsaga.

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Norsaga Art Design, Part 4

Kevin Bishop

This is the fourth in a series of articles tracing the creation of Norsaga’s artwork. To see where it ends up, check out the gallery on the main site. process BB1The last of the primary-colored heroes are the blue Lore heroes. If the dominant colors align with races or clans within the peoples of Norsaga, blue encompasses the cold, mystical, iron-willed people who have subjugated magic to their whims.



Physically they tower over the other colors, and their glowing eyes are immediately distinguishing. Their swirling tattoos are generally themed around each individual hero's class, with Witches featuring snakes and ravens hidden in the designs.




Above is the original concept for the Charm-weaver, with a distinctly blue body and hairstyle, before the Spirit-walker took over as the fourth Lore class. While I deviated a lot from Kevin's sketches for these heroes, I used his Rune-carver almost unchanged.

parts_of_a_BRThat's it for the designs of the four primary Norsaga hero colors. Yellow, stocky and burdened with armor, pouches, and chain mail. Red, with huge scar-covered arms, bandaged bodies and fur-trimmed pauldrons. Green, lanky and cloaked, with feathers and knives belted everywhere. Blue, robed and covered in tattoos, gold, and glowing runes.

The next article will cover the Ghosts and Skalds to finish out the hero designs.