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Meromorph Games is a game company, creators of the card games The Shipwreck Arcana and Norsaga.

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Those who walk beneath far-off skies never return the same.


Fae heroes are denizens of another world. It has many names: Greyhame; the Boundary realm; the Paths of Endless Mist. Its people are curious, dangerous, and insatiable in their appetite for mischief. Mortals who encounter them rarely survive unchanged.

As with ghosts, fae heroes have no recessive or dominant traits capable of receiving inheritance markers. Fae can also be played into any family tree; this makes them valuable attack cards.



Play anywhere  -  Fae are attack cards, similar to ghosts. You may play them onto any family tree, not just your own.

Chaos  -  When a fae is played onto your family tree, you must immediately switch it with a hero from another generation on your family tree.

Idle  -  Fae have no traits capable of receiving inheritance markers. They don't prevent you from winning, but they don't help very much.

Wild trait  -  While they don't inherit, fae do provide you access to the new teal embellishments.



Changeling  -  You may dismiss a hero from your family tree. Choose a player. They must place a card onto an empty spot on your tree, if able.

Omen  -  Dismiss a hero from your family tree. Draw a fae card from the discard or the deck, then shuffle the deck if you searched it.

Awakening  -  Reveal cards from the deck until you reveal 3 cards that share a color. Play those 3, in order, atop your fae heroes from youngest to oldest. Discard the other revealed cards.



Q: When a fae is played onto my tree, do I have to swap it with another card?
A: Yes, if you have any heroes in a different generation than the new fae card (e.g. youngest, parents, grandparents), you must swap the fae and one of those other heroes.
If you have another fae card in one of your other generations, you can swap the two fae, which essentially makes the swap optional!

Q: What happens if I use changeling and have no empty slots on my family tree?
A: Unless you dismiss a hero during the first part of the changeling ability, you'll have no empty slots and whichever player you choose will not be allowed to play a card onto your family tree.

Q: Can I choose myself as the player when I use changeling?
A: No, you must choose another player.

Q: Can I dismiss a fae hero as part of omen and then draw that same card back from the discard pile?
A: Sure! If that seems like a good idea to you...

Q: Do the "subtitles" beneath the names of fae heroes have any gameplay effect?
A: No, they're purely decorative.