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Meromorph Games is a game company, creators of the card games The Shipwreck Arcana and Norsaga.

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Announcing The Shipwreck Arcana and NORSAGA: Odds and Endings

Meromorph Games

Meromorph Games is excited to announce two upcoming games!


Trapped in a drowned world, you and your allies are doomed -- or are you? Using a mystical deck and a healthy dose of logic, you can predict each others' fates and escape unscathed.

The Shipwreck Arcana is a compact, co-operative game of deduction, evaluation, and logic. Each player's doom constantly changes as they draw numbered fate tiles from the bag. By choosing which fate to give up and which card to play it on, you can give your allies enough information to identify the fate you're holding...which is important, as the active player cannot communicate with their allies during their turn!

announcement image.png

Each card has strict rules governing what fates can be played on it. As doom builds up, the cards themselves fade, becoming one-time powers to help the players while new cards cycle in from the deck.

Skilled play requires carefully rationing powers, hints, and cycling, while paying attention to not only where each fate was played -- but more importantly, where it wasn't.

2-5 players,10-30 minutes, ages 12+

This second announcement is particularly near and dear to us, after almost 3 years of developing and playing our first game, Norsaga, with the many Kickstarter backers and GenCon attendees whose excitement and support have brought us all this way. Introducing...

All stories must end. Take the stage one last time as gods battle giants, immortal heroes join your cause, and worlds shift underfoot.

Make this tale one for the ages.

Norsaga: Odds & Endings is a 48-card expansion pack for Norsaga that adds new twists for your story. Unlock double-sided immortals and cursed heirlooms for a lasting boost or change the rules with realm cards.

In this 2nd expansion to the base Norsaga game, the focus is on brand new card types and tools for advancing the game. Any or all of these card types can be mixed in to the base game and previous expansions when you play.


These double-sided cards represent powerful heroes. Each player can unlock a single immortal hero as they play; once unlocked, they provide a permanent ability for the rest of the game. Guardians will join your family tree, while watchers add extra embellishments from the sidelines.


Each player's family heirloom begins with a terrible curse, but can be cleansed and wielded by their youngest hero. Similar to immortals, these cards are double-sided and provide permanent bonuses once they flip.


Eight unique realm cards let you change the rules of the game. Additional combo opportunities, altering how attack cards work, or drastically accelerating the game: there's bound to be a realm that suits your style.

2nd Edition embellishments

New reference cards overhaul the original 4 embellishment trees, giving each of them more consistent access to powers for advancement and disruption while preserving their themes. Try them with new players or if you want a brand new challenge.

Upcoming Conventions and demos

If you want to try out these new games, here's your first chance! Meromorph Games will have an exhibitor booth at Playthrough Gaming Convention in Raleigh, NC, Feb 25-26.

You can find us there from 10-6 Saturday and Sunday. We'll have all current Norsaga products available for sale, and we'll be running demos of them along with demos of Odds and Endings and The Shipwreck Arcana.

We're still deciding what direction we want to take with these new games, and gauging people's interest is a big part of that. Odds and Endings has been in development for over 6 months, and The Shipwreck Arcana for over a year and a half. The art for both games is complete and polished. Whether we eventually launch one of both of them on Kickstarter, or fund them ourselves, we'll need your help and excitement to do it.

So please share the word, follow us on social media (facebook, twitter), or subscribe to us on Kickstarter, and you'll be well-informed on our progress!