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Meromorph Games is a game company, and the creator of the card game Norsaga.

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Legends aren't made. They're made up.

This doom of hours approaches.

You and your friends are cursed, but it's not too late. Together you must use the mystical deck of the Shipwreck Arcana to alter your destiny. The cards know when your doom will transpire. If you read them carefully, they will give clues to your allies and help them break your curse. Make haste, though -- there aren't many hours left...



2-5 players, 20 minutes

Gameplay  -  The Shipwreck Arcana is a cooperative 2-5 player deduction card game. Players work together to break their curses by guessing each other's fates. Each turn, the active player sets one of their fates in front of an Arcana card to reveal information about their remaining fate.

Strategy  -  True mastery comes from reading the cards and making leaps of deduction and intuition. Sometimes a fate will be obvious. Other times, you must rely on logic to eliminate possibilities and decide whether to risk a guess.

Goal  -  The players must collectively guess 7 fates before time runs out! A wrong guess or a fading Arcana card will advance the Hours towards dawn.


How to play


  • Give each player 7 colored number tokens (1-7).
  • Place the Hours card on the table, with the Score and Doom trackers at their starting points.
  • Deal 4 Arcana cards beside it. Place the deck near them.

Taking your turn

  • Draw from the bag until you have 2 fate tokens. Don't speak or show them to anyone else.
  • Play one of your fate tokens in front of the Hours or an Arcana card (obeying the rules on all cards).
  • Keep your remaining fate hidden.

Guessing your fate

  • Your allies may ask you to adjust your colored number tokens, based on what they think your hidden fate could be.
  • You may not confirm or deny their questions about your fate.
  • If your allies choose to guess your fate, reveal it. Gain 1 point for a correct guess, or gain 1 doom for an incorrect guess. Either way, return your fate to the bag.


  • Your allies may ask you to adjust your colored number tokens, based on what they think your hidden fate could be.

Take control of your own fate:

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