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Meromorph Games is a game company, creators of the card games The Shipwreck Arcana and Norsaga.


Norsaga: Kickstarter 2017 Promo Cards

KS2017promo components.png
KS2017promo components.png

Norsaga: Kickstarter 2017 Promo Cards


This pack contains the 10 promotional cards from the 2017 Kickstarter campaign for Norsaga: Odds and Endings. Expand your options with 4 wanderer guardians, 1 skald watcher, 2 new hybrid legends, 2 extremely challenging spiral sagas, and 1 fae heirloom.

Ships anywhere in the world. Orders usually ship out the following weekend.

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  • 2 spiral sagas
  • 2 hybrid legend heroes
  • 4 wanderer guardians
  • 1 skald watcher
  • 1 fae heirloom


The 2 saga cards function identically to other saga cards.

The new ghost legend and fae legend hybrids combine traits from various hero cards seen in Norsaga: Into the Myths.

  • The ghost legend obeys all rules for both ghosts and legends. In your hand it is considered to be a card with black, white, green, red, yellow, and blue colors. It can be played onto any family tree, and must immediately receive an inheritance marker after being played. Until it leaves play it counts as a black card and a white card in addition to the color of that inheritance marker. The inheritance marker may not be removed until the ghost legend is dismissed.
  • The fae legend behaves similarly to the ghost legend, except for the differences between ghost and fae cards. When the fae legend is played onto a player's family tree, that player must then swap it per normal fae rules.

The new wanderer guardians and fae watcher can be shuffled into the deck of immortals to provide additional variety.

  • The wanderer guardians have more flexible unlock tracks, allowing you to unlock them in either 2 or 3 steps. While on top of a hero on your tree, the guardian's traits are used.
  • The skald watcher has a flexible unlock track that requires you to have a ghost or fae on your tree, followed by a skald. Do not use this card if you are not playing with ghosts/fae and skalds. Once unlocked, the skald watcher allows you to use any of the four basic 1st-generation embellishments.

The fae heirloom can be shuffled into the deck of heirlooms to provide additional variety.

  • Do not use this card if you are not playing with fae and skalds. Once the heirloom is restored, your youngest hero gains the fae's Lost trait. This does not cause any additional swapping to occur when playing to that spot on your family tree.

The Into the Myths and Odds and Endings pages provides more detail on how these traits work.